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Here at Tempio we work hard to ensure that all our ingredients are of the highest quality. One look at our streamlined menu and you’ll see we’ve taken the classic approach as we’ve chosen to include only the best dishes from fine Italian cuisine.

With our focus on the finest ingredients, we give every dish our full attention ensuring it follows our ethos of incorporating the freshest ingredients to deliver the best possible taste.

A Simple Menu with Complex Tastes

We’ve added our own twists on some classics to enhance the flavours and to add our heart and soul to each meal. Through feedback and customer comments we’re quietly confident we’ve got it right.

Our antipasti are all made fresh in house with herbs plucked directly from the plants. They embrace the Italian culture as they whet the appetite, tantalise the taste buds and leave you wanting more.  Our menu always makes the ingredients the star of the show, as we believe that garden-fresh ingredients can speak a thousand words.

Perfect Pairings

Perfect pairings enhance the flavours and turn a simple meal into a sensory delight, for example, our creamy al dente avocado, served with our homemade bread, finished with our signature vinaigrette.

Our antipasto for two takes the everyday flavours of Italy and brings together couples in the way Italians are famed for. Taking you on a journey it combines the saltiness of the cold meats, with the sweetness of our homemade chutneys, combined with the milkiness of our plump mozzarella to stimulate every taste bud.

Our pizzas are true to Italy with toppings and crusts that you would find in the best Italian Pizzerias. We’ve brought the taste of home to the city of London and reminded our customers just how fresh a pizza can be when the toppings are celebrated as sumptuous, home grown, organic and wholesome.

Our cheeses are all Italian, while our sauces are made from scratch, only top-quality ingredients come together to form the pizzas we are proud of. We believe that Pizzas should once again be considered a fine food as when they follow tradition, they are a complete healthy meal that leaves you feeling thoroughly indulged.

Even our extras follow the same themes, from our tricolore salad that uses the plumpest, milkiest mozzarella and juiciest basil leaves, to our fries that offer the perfect crunch. Crispy on the outside, you’ll find no grease as you bite into our trademark fries with a crunch before encountering the fluffy moist potato underneath. Ideal with a simple dish, our fries are popular with every meal.

Finishing with Flair

Our desserts have been developed to offer the ultimate end to a meal, with simplicity and sophistication. Our ice creams and sorbets are all made in house, while our tiramisu follows a family recipe that uses free range eggs and mascarpone to deliver the flavours you deserve.

Bringing a taste of Italy to your table, we serve coffee akin to the barista bars in the cities, so you can enjoy the powerful shots that keep your senses stimulated even after you’ve left our restaurant.

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